We have great teachers and parents in Jefferson County who care deeply about our kids, and we all want quality education. The question is, how do we go about it? I agree with Colorado voters who soundly rejected the “business as usual” approach of Amendment 66. For too long unions, bureaucrats, and administrators have grabbed their share first, with hard-working teachers and families getting the leftovers. It’s time to give the decisions and money back where they belong – locally – to teachers, parents, and kids.

Working ManColorado Jobs

We live in an amazing state that is a wonderful place to do business, and because of that, the recession did not hit Colorado as hard as other states. But the fact remains this has been the slowest economic recovery in history. “Good enough” simply is not good enough! By taking the shackles of over-regulation away, our neighbors in North Dakota now enjoy 2% unemployment and our friends in Wisconsin are looking at over $1 billion in tax relief from their roaring economy. Colorado should not be taking a back seat to North Dakota and Wisconsin in this recovery. Good enough is simply not good enough!

Individual Rights

Ind PassAmericans talk about our rights in glowing terms like “sacred rights” and “precious rights.” I hear from many of my family and friends how frustrated they are when well-meaning government programs go overboard and steal from us the very rights we hold so sacred and precious. In many instances, as with Obamacare, government tries to fix a problem but ends up intruding on our lives and makes things worse by telling us what to do and backing it up with government force. I trust you, my fellow citizens, to make your own decisions. I will defend your precious, sacred rights and keep our state government in its proper role.